Faculty Details

Hasan Sabri
Inspection & Corrosion Team

• Senior Corrosion Specialist at Kuwait Oil Company

• Graduated from the University of Toledo, Ohio as a Chemical Engineer in 1993

• Involved in the CP and Coating in new projects and maintenance.

• Author/Co-Author of CP & coating of KOC standards

• NACE Certified& Instructor for:

     Cathodic Protection Specialist

     Protective Coating Specialist

     Coating Inspector

Krishna Kamat
CEO & Head Design

• Krishna. Kamat is a graduate Electrical & Electronics Engineer. He has been in the field of CP Rectifier designing & manufacturing since past Thirty-five years. During this time, he has designed and supplied several thousand CP Rectifiers. At present he has been manufacturing C.P. Rectifiers through his company Kristron Systems.

Christophe Baete

Lead cathodic protection and corrosion engineering team Modelling of electrochemical systems by state-of-the-art software (FiniteElement Method and Boundary Element Method) in the field of corrosion, cathodic protection,plating and electrochemical machining.

PRCI lead in research topics on: AC corrosion, AC coupons, HVDC interference and DC interference.

Pankaj Panchal

Mr. Pankaj Panchal is Electrical Engineer. He has more than 20 Years of Experience for Cathodic Protection systems and Corrosion control systems. Mr.Pankaj is technical and business leader in Corrosion Control Industries.

NACE Certified Corrosion Specialist and NACE Certified Cathodic Protection Specialist. He is NACE Instructor for CP-1, CP-2. CP-3 and CP-4.

Since working in the field of corrosion and cathodic protection including project management, site survey, design, engineering, installations, testing, commissioning, maintenance, post commissioning surveys and AC/DC interference investigation and mitigation measures of the cathodic protection systems. Mostly worked for hydrocarbon/fertilizer/other plants, cross country hydrocarbon/other pipelines, well casings, offshore pipelines, tank bottom, tank/vassals internals on various projects in India, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and other Middle-East countries.

Shamus McDonnell

Shamus McDonnell, President of PureHM, Canada since 1995, holds patents in Americas, Australia, NewZeland and the EU for innovations in CP and Coating surveys. Consultant to PHMSA (USA Pipeline Regulator) on numerous pipeline failures in the USA over the past 15 years. Led the R&D team for the development of the Spectrum XLI External Line Inspection system.

Ted Huck

Mr. Huck joined MATCOR in 2002. He has published numerous technical articles and is a frequent presenter on a variety of corrosion, cathodic protection, integrity management, and AC Mitigation topics. He has a BSEE from Kettering University, Flint Michigan and an MBA from Texas Christian University, Ft. Worth Texas.

Craig Botha
Present Affiliation

Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering.

Cathodic Protection, AC Mitigation, Pipeline Corrosion Assessment, Coatings, Training, Design and AC Corrosion Monitoring

NACE Instructor CP, Interference and DA NACE CP Specialist

Consulting Engineer of the Year 2013, CORRISA CEO of Reignite (Pty) Ltd